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English International 1 + 2 – Combined Package – Strokes

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Solution: Individual

Price:  6,323.00


The course is according to EU-Standards for languages: A1 to B2

The contents of the combination package 1 and 2 includes everything you need from the beginner level to language fluency.
You obtain a high level of language proficiency and learn to express yourself fluently in everyday situations and in your work environment.

Choice of Teaching Language

Chinese, German, French, Italian and Arabic (Arabic only for Windows)

Language Course with 200 Lessons

  • Spoken dialogue interaction with the computer
  • Learn words by speaking or writing them
  • Pronunciation training with voice recognition
  • Intuitive grammar training
  • Vocabulary Memory Games
  • Words and sentences linked to reference tools
  • Topics covering everyday life, travel and business

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