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English international 1 – Beginners – Strokes international

Language: English

Level: Beginners

Solution: Individual

Price:  3,873.00


The course is according to EU-Standards for languages: A1, A2 and B1

The series 1 is a complete language course for beginners.
You master the basics of a foreign language and work yourself up and well into the intermediate level. You learn to express yourself very well in everyday and simple work-related situations.

Choice of Teaching Language

Chinese, German, French, Italian and Arabic (Arabic only for Windows)

Language Course with 100 Lessons

  • Spoken dialogue interaction with the computer
  • Learn words by speaking or writing them
  • Pronunciation training with voice recognition
  • Intuitive grammar training
  • Vocabulary Memory Games
  • Words and sentences linked to reference tools
  • Topics covering everyday life, travel and business

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