HANDA’S HEN (BILINGUAL)- Language Lizard

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Level: Beginners

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HANDA’S HEN (BILINGUAL)- Language Lizard

by Eileen Browne

Best friends Handa and Akeyo are looking for animals around the hen house! They find butterflies, stripey mice and little lizards. But where has grandma’s black hen gone? This story by Eileen Browne is a great way to learn a second language, through practice with numbers, animals and environments. Colorful watercolor paintings take children on a journey through the African countryside

In English with:
Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Croatian, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Panjabi, Portuguese, Russian, Shona, Somali, Swahili, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yoruba.
Ages: 2-7 Paperback and Hardback (depends on language edition)
Dimensions: 10.9w x 9.2h inches

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