YUM! LET’S EAT! (BILINGUAL)- Language Lizard

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YUM! LET’S EAT! (BILINGUAL)- Language Lizard

by Thando Maclaren

This book by Thando Maclaren takes us around the world, to learn about different foods and traditions. Read about exotic dishes like fajitas, sushi, dhal, roti and more! Explore the diversity in children’s lives and develop a worldwide perspective with this book, which is part of the “Our Lives, Our World” series. Other titles in the series include Brrmm! Let’s Go! and Goal! Let’s Play!

In English with:

Arabic, Bengali, Czech, French, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Urdu.


Ages 2-6 Paperback

Dimensions: 8.2w x 8.2h inches

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