Making a Difference

Our business is geared towards making the world a better place to work. We have a special interest in helping the communities in which we work, particularly people who are physically challenged and animals. We are committed to creating strong partnerships within our communities and providing financial support to organizations involved in improving the world we live in.

What we plan to do..

Integrated Social Care Foundation, a social service arm of Integrated Language Solutions, focuses on developing state-of-the-art animal care centers in India. If you as an individual or company would like to support the cause in any way or would like to learn more about it, we invite you to write to our social care foundation at : [email protected].

Other Charities

Aside from the firm’s association with its own foundation, many of our employees donate to the charity of their choice in a collective way under our social care programs for physically challenged,orphanages and old age homes.We also contribute towards relief efforts incase of natural calamities and war.