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How do you translate a witty catchphrase or slogan without losing its original meaning? How can you avoid some of the famous international branding mistakes of the past? And how can you retain your brand’s look and feel when it is being translated to a completely different language script?

These are all the factors that must be considered when you are entering a new market. Integrated Language Solutions employs expert desktop publishers and graphic designers who alongwith our experienced linguists work on multilingual DTP in India understanding the cultural, linguistic and aesthetic factors involved in it. The target language may have certain formatting traits, fonts that fit the image of your product or service, or even colours that the local market is receptive towards.

Our Multicultural Marketing services include:

  • Advertising/direct marketing copy
  • Brochures,Marketing collateral, Banners, Flyers, Video Scripts,Style Guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product manuals
  • TV & Radio Campaigns
  • Public relations and corporate communications
  • Web/Mobile/Tweets/Social media campaigns
  • In-Market reviews and media monitoring

ILS uses not only talented, creative and solution-oriented individuals but also the latest technology for this area of our work. Products like QuarkXpress and Adobe Indesign,Corel Draw,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator,Framemaker etc. have features that complement the abilities of our specialists. We work in many different file formats and will adapt to your requirements

We work closely with your own marketing and design team to guarantee consistency with your own brand, while ensuring a perfect fit with the local market, language and culture.

To find out how our Multilingual DTP solutions could help you produce high-quality local versions of your materials. Please write to us at:[email protected] or call us at +91.9811093093 and one of our representatives will assist you in finding the solution that meets your specific needs and budget.