Dubbing & Voice Over

Integrated Language Solutions offers a range of multilingual voice over dubbing services for eLearning, movies, corporate videos, games, advertisements and other media.


Dubbing is widely used in markets where subtitling doesn’t fully accomplish the objectives, and is a more universal method of converting video productions for international markets. A badly-dubbed film, television program or other media can ruin the experience for the end-user. Many companies prefer dubbing as it more closely reflects the experience of the original production.

The process of dubbing and lip synchronization is still one of the preferred methods to watch video content in another language.

In order for video content to be properly dubbed, the dialogue must be translated by a team of experts in this area to ensure that the translated text, once spoken, will match the lips of the original actor.

Our directors and actors are all native speakers who use the latest technology to create the closest possible match between sight and sound.


ILS is one of the best high-quality audio voice-over companies in India to some of the world’s most demanding marketers who want to make the most of the Multimedia, multilingual presence.

The projects we have worked on are as varied as you can imagine.

  • Voice over talent casting
  • TV commercial voice over
  • Movie trailer voice over
  • Radio spots, jingles, imaging, podcasting
  • Educational video and e-learning voice over
  • Business, corporate and training video voice over
  • Mobile and Video game voice over
  • Audio menu for IVR, On hold, GPS navigations
  • Cartoon voice over
  • Audio book voice over
  • Voice acting
  • Film dubbing
  • Narration and documentary voice over
  • Lip synchronization voice over

Whatever tone or impression you want your product to express, we have the personnel, talent, technical knowledge and the experience to deliver it. All of our voice-over artists are professionals and fluent native speakers of the target language to deliver flawless quality.

We provide competitive rates and fast turnarounds. At ILS, your content will always be handled by professionals and delivered on time.

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