If you have an audio file that you would like transcribed into the same or another language, our foreign language transcription and translation service can provide you with the audio-to-text transcript you need.

The difficulty of such a task should not be underestimated. The transcriber must not only have an expert command of the language they are working in, but must also be able to decipher the speaker’s tone, clarity and intended meaning, not to mention inserting appropriate punctuation and grammar.

Integrated Language Solutions extensive network of language professionals includes many of the leading transcriptionists, with expertise in a variety of subjects, from medical and legal to business interviews and oral histories etc..

We hire, train, and assign the best transcriptionists and provide technology to best expedite the process for a wide range of transcription services.

Our transcription-plus-time coding services can help accelerate your video editing by 80%, enabling you to flip through a transcript to find quotes and, thus, save countless hours in post-production.

We manage large, complex transcription and translation projects for informational, investigative and trial purposes. To accommodate other needs, we also provide summary documents tailored to suit your requirements.

Furthermore, we specialize in a variety of European and Asian languages. We are happy to handle large-volume projects and can meet tight deadlines.

Whatever your transcription requirements, please write to us at : or call us at +91.9811093093,and our account managers will assist you in finding the foreign language transcription solution that meets your needs and budget.