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PlayVoice IDCategoryGenderLanguageDownload
DE RK IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleGerman
DE DP IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleGerman
DE RK COM 01CommercialsMaleGerman
DE DP NR 01NarrationMaleGerman
DE RK COM 02CommercialsMaleGerman
DE DP VG 01VideogamesMaleGerman
DE RK VG 01VideogamesMaleGerman
DE KS COM 01CommercialsFemaleGerman
DE KS DOC 01DocumentariesFemaleGerman
DE KS EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleGerman
DE KS NR 01NarrationFemaleGerman
DE DP AB 01AudiobooksMaleGerman
DE DP COM 01CommercialsMaleGerman
DE DP CO 01CorporateMaleGerman
DE WT AB 01AudiobooksMaleGerman
DE RK DOC 01DocumentariesMaleGerman
DE DP DOC 01DocumentariesMaleGerman
DE WT EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleGerman
DE RK DOC 02DocumentariesMaleGerman
DE MM DOC 02DocumentariesMaleGerman
DE RK EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleGerman
DE RK NR 01NarrationMaleGerman
GR AV AB 01AudiobooksMaleGreek
GR AV COM 01CommercialsMaleGreek
GR AV DOC 01DocumentariesMaleGreek
GR AV EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleGreek
GR AV IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleGreek
GR AV NR 01NarrationMaleGreek
GR AV TV 01TV shows and MoviesMaleGreek
GU SM EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleGujarati
HA KA EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleHaryanavi
HI NS EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleHindi
HI RD AB 01AudiobooksFemaleHindi
HI SK EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleHindi
BH BR EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleIndonesian
IT RF EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleItalian
IT RF MOV 01TV shows and MoviesFemaleItalian
IT PF EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleItalian
IT ES CO 01CorporateMaleItalian
IT MD DOC 01DocumentariesMaleItalian
IT ES COM 01CommercialsMaleItalian
IT MD COM 01CommercialsMaleItalian
IT ES DOC 01DocumentariesMaleItalian
IT MD IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleItalian
IT ES EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleItalian
IT MD CO 01CorporateMaleItalian
IT ES IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleItalian
IT RF AB 01AudiobooksFemaleItalian
IT RF CO 01CorporateFemaleItalian
JP FS IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsFemaleJapanese
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