Voice Overs

PlayVoice IDCategoryGenderLanguageDownload
SV JL COM 01CommercialsMaleSwedish
SV JL NR 01NarrationMaleSwedish
TA MR EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleTamil
TA SK EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleTamil
TE NV NR 01NarrationFemaleTelugu
TE SB EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleTelugu
TH PA VG 01VideogamesMaleThai
TH PA COM 01CommercialsMaleThai
TH PA DOC 01DocumentariesMaleThai
TH PA EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleThai
TH PA MOV 01TV shows and MoviesMaleThai
TH PA NR 01NarrationMaleThai
UR AG EL 02eLearning/TrainingMaleUrdu
UR SK EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleUrdu
VI VN EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
VI VN EL 02eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
VI VN EL 03eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
VI VN EL 04eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
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