Voice Overs

PlayVoice IDCategoryGenderLanguageDownload
SV BH NR 01NarrationMaleSwedish
SV AJ COM 01CommercialsFemaleSwedish
SV AJ NR 01NarrationFemaleSwedish
SV JL COM 01CommercialsMaleSwedish
SV JL NR 01NarrationMaleSwedish
SV MH COM 01CommercialsMaleSwedish
SV MH IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleSwedish
SV MH NR 01NarrationMaleSwedish
SV MH EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleSwedish
SV BH EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleSwedish
SV BH CO 01CorporateMaleSwedish
TA MR EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleTamil
TA SK EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleTamil
TE NV NR 01NarrationFemaleTelugu
TE SB EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleTelugu
TH PA COM 01CommercialsMaleThai
TH PA DOC 01DocumentariesMaleThai
TH PA EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleThai
TH PA MOV 01TV shows and MoviesMaleThai
TH PA NR 01NarrationMaleThai
TH PA VG 01VideogamesMaleThai
UR AG EL 02eLearning/TrainingMaleUrdu
UR SK EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleUrdu
VI VN EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
VI VN EL 02eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
VI VN EL 03eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
VI VN EL 04eLearning/TrainingFemaleVietnamese
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