Multilingual Chatbot

Sales is about conversation. In today’s global economy, it’s important to support a global customer base. Multilingual chatbots make on-demand information accessible to a company’s global customers, creating value in marketing as well as customer support. By engaging your customers in their native language, you can boost your conversions and brand loyalty. 

In fact, 84% of international consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a website with product information in their own language. Gartner forecasts that 25% of customer support and services will be integrated with virtual assistants by 2020.More importantly multilingual chatbots can also help users feel right at home and improve customer experience.

Conversational user interfaces (or CUIs) — which is essentially what a chatbot is — need to be supported by systems powered by natural language processing and machine learning. Language designers (a new job description) are required to aid this learning, manage terminology, and adapt the script to new locales.

Designing virtual assistants to conduct a human-like conversation is a tall order and requires a different set of skills than those supplied by developers; it needs the creativity of poets. And when the chatbot goes international, it is required to be similarly steered through various languages by transcreators, who combine the expertise of copywriters and translators. Additionally, domain-specific fine-tuning would require collaboration with subject matter experts.

ILS offers self-service and live agent interactions in almost every language via our multilingual chatbot. With a global chatbot and integrated translations, you can expand your business without expanding your costs.

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